A Growing Market – May 22, 2013

The Market Is Growing

If you have been the Kuna Farmers Market and have wanted more vendors, you might want to visit this weekend, June 1st.  There will be a couple of exciting and new vendors joining soon.  Don Brown with Onion Valley will be bringing Onion Valley caramelized onions and Chutney that are all natural and locally grown.  He will also have wood crafts.  We also look forward to being joined by a spice vendor, a crafter of old wine bottles and produce vendors as the season progresses.

Lynne Cordle of Get Iced, has returned to the market for her third year.   Get Iced provides hot or iced coffee, cocoa, cider, and their specialty: iced shakes.  These unique shakes have a vanilla or chocolate ice cream base and you choose a flavor to add to make it extra yummy.  When in season, Lynn brings some of her home-grown raspberries to add to the shakes.   Creating these great drinks is a summer job for Lynne who works for the Nampa school district during the school year.  Lynne calls herself a native city slicker, who was born and raised in Chicago but has lived in Idaho for 10 years.  Get Iced has also begun visiting the Farmers Market in Caldwell on Wednesday evenings.  Lynne’s son, Wyatt, has worked with her at the market for a couple of years and is in training to take over the Kuna Get Iced booth.   With the weather getting warmer it is a great time to try the iced shakes.

This last week Tina Townley brought her goat cheese, milk, and other natural products to the market.   Tina owns EBN Ranch and Enchanted by Nature.  Tina raises and milks goats and brings raw goat milk, goat cheese and raw goat milk ice cream and goat milk soap.  She also produces all natural hair spray, toothpaste, deodorant, lip balm, bee wax candles and lotion.  These are all home-made with natural ingredients (organic when possible).  She also has chicken eggs from hens that are fed food organically grown and non-GMO.  When Tina realized how much chemicals were in the foods we eat and products we use, she started making her own products to avoid the bad stuff.  As she did more and more people would ask her to make it for them, so she did.  She continues to come up with more products to share with like-minded folks who want to avoid the dangerous fillers used in so many products we use.  She started creating her products about five years ago.  Tina is a special needs aide for the Kuna School District.  You may also recognize Tina from the fireworks booth she has run across from the park in the Zamzow’s lot for the past 12 years.   Tina is a busy woman but the 20 goats, a few sheep, pigs, turkeys, ducks, chickens, dogs, cat and her family are her labor of love.

Come to the Kuna Farmers Market Saturday morning from 9am to noon to meet our diverse vendors and to see and sometimes sample their various products.

-Kuna Melba News